What is a corn?

A corns is a thickening of the surface layer of the skin. Corns usually form on the top of toes, tip of toes and between the toes.

Corns are more common in women than men. They are more common in women because women wear tight fitting shoes, socks and stockings more often than men.

What causes a corn?

A corn is caused by too much pressure. The pressure may be from:

tight fitting shoes
tight socks
tight stockings
shoe rubbing against the toe
deformed toes
crooked toes

Symptoms of a corn

Some of the most common symptoms of a corn are:

A hard growth on the skin of the toes
Pain when pressure is applied to the hard growth
Redness and swelling around the hard growth
Severe discomfort around a hard growth of skin on the toes
Discomfort when wearing tight fitting shoes

Complications from having corns

Complications can occur if corns are not treated properly. Some of the most common complications are:

development of an ulcer
development of a fluid-filled sac beneath the corn

Can corns be treated?

Yes. There are many different treatments for corns. Medications, such as ibuprofen will temporary relieve the pain and inflammation. Change in footwear and use of padding to prevent pressure are more permanent treatments to help corns go away.

In some cases, surgical correction of the bony prominence that is causing the high pressure may be needed.