Dr. Ramesh Sawhney

Dr. Ramesh Sawhney, MD. Founder and Director – Ramesh Sawhney MD is a Board Certified anesthesiologist, specialist doctor, and pain management doctor who specializes in anesthesiology, interventional pain medicine, and pain medicine. Dr. Sawhney has been practicing medicine for 33 years and routinely rates in the top 10 Doctors in the tri-state area. He founded Irving Place Surgical and Wellness Center and has helped hundreds if not thousands of patients to live a pain free life. In his spare time Dr. Sawhney is a avid guitarist who has produced music for some very well known musicians.

Patient Testimonials

I couldn’t believe I finally found a doctor that truly cared about helping me.
I have a few conditions that needed to be addressed and I’ve been bounced around from doctor to doctor that were either not very knowledgeable or just didn’t care to help me.
This was my first visit here and immediately I was taken in for a patient in-take
by the chiropractor. He wanted a thorough understanding of everything going on;
I immediately knew I was at the right place. Dr. Sawhney then saw me, where he
provided treatment on the spot that immediately reduced the inflammation
I was having. He gave me a thorough analysis of what was going on and then explained
the treatment he would be providing. He’s taking a holistic approach to my condition with
a number of natural treatments which is exactly what i wanted. I couldn’t be happier with
finding this doctor. Such a relief!!

August 11, 2014by Sasha R.

In one intro appointment with Dr. Sawhney, my chronic back pain was remarkably improved. Not fixed, and he’s very clear that fixing bodies is a holistic process that takes a long time, and a comprehensive approach, but improved to the level that back pain is not an all-day every-day issue for me. He and his staff have impeccable bedside manner, can discuss any issues with you in detail and comprehensively, without judgement or shaming. Having a rather sorted and distrustful relationship with doctors I was surprised by what a pleasant experience it was, and have total trust that in the next few months, my issues will be resolved with Dr. Sawhney’s help. If you’re in pain right now, stop reading reviews and make an appointment with this guy.

June 19, 2014 by Emily P.

Comforting & understanding. Wonderful individual with the best doctor bedside manners
that are truly hard to find anymore. Doctor said I would have immediate results and I did.
Will be back for sure for my follow up!

June 18, 2014 by Clarissa H.

Dr. Sawhney is, quite honestly, the GURU of pain management! I have been sick for
19 years and have seen many many doctors and NO ONE is as professional, patient,
dedicated, knowledgeable, and nice as he is! I live in New Jersey and the trip into NYC
to see him is well worth it! I can’t imagine ever seeing another doctor again!

June 12, 20014 by Mary B.

As a continuing patient of Dr. Sawhney, I have to say, he’s still the best doctor I
have ever seen! I still remember the first appointment I had with Dr. Sawhney..
I was an elite gymnast and was in severe chronic pain; I was bed ridden for months,
was depressed, and had no insurance. I could barely walk. And being a gymnast training for the Olympics, we were taught to tolerate pain which unfortunately caused my injuries to get worse over time. I had my first visit with Dr. Sawhney, and I felt relief for the first time in what seemed like ions! I was able to walk out on my own! I still have a long way to go, but since then, it’s only gotten better! He truly cares about his patients and wants to help you. He even found the root of my problem, that all those other doctors oversaw.
As his patient, he treats me like family and when your going through rough times,
that’s all I can ask for! He really is a god send and I can’t thank you enough!
I highly recommend anyone that’s in chronic pain due to sport injuries or in chronic
pain to go see him! Not only is Dr Sawhney the best, but his staff Hema and Lauren
are on top of it! What else’s can you ask for?

June 7, 2014 by Tracy F.

Im an ex elite gymnast turned coach, with no insurance. And after looking for a doctor
to help me manage my chronic pain so I can have a normal life seemed impossible…
Until I found Dr. Sawhney, who’s an absolute god send. I honestly can’t say enough about him… Not only is he one of the best doctors I had ever seen but he actually is one of “the best” doctors in the country! The minute I walked into his office, he welcomed me with open arms and wanted to help me regardless of not having insurance. He actually did a procedure right then and there and i had relief for a few days! It was amazing! He even addressed and found other problems that other doctors, hence orthopedic, didn’t find! I really can’t say enough about dr. Sawhney! I felt so comfortable around him and the fact that he’s an over achiever makes me believe he will help me. We still have a long way to go… But he has a track record of helping other athletes, I know he can help me! Thank you dr. Sawhney! You really are the best!!

May 7, 2014 by Diana S.

Dr. Sawhney is, by far, the best pain management doctor I have seen. He spends
as much time with you as you need and makes you feel 100% comfortable. I trust
every decision he makes for my health and I honestly believe he is doing everything
he can to make me feel all well again! I have not one negative comment to make about Dr. Sawhney!!

May 6, 2014 by Isabella P