Our staff of podiatrists offer their expertise to the treatment of foot and ankle conditions. Let us help you improve your quality of life. Your feet are your base of support, quality foot care is extremely important. Your feet affect your sense of well-being, and foot pain can limit your normal daily activities. In addition to having a strong reputation in the community for the highest quality care, the doctors of Irving Place Surgery and Wellness Center are compassionate, understanding that there is “person” behind every foot, and will listen to your needs and problems. Our doctors will take the time to explain the diagnosis and available modes of treatment and formulate a plan that is particular to the specific needs of the individual patient, so that the patient leaves the office with confidence in their care.


At Irving Place Surgery and Wellness Center , all of our doctors are on the forefront in the area of foot and ankle surgery, utilizing the latest and most advanced techniques available to help ensure that the patient receives a positive outcome. Our surgeons are also trained in the most innovative minimally invasive surgical techniques to minimize post-operative pain and recovery time. Call today to find out how our doctors can help you with your foot or ankle problem and discover what makes the Irving Place Surgery and Wellness Center a “cut above the rest”.