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Orthotics Specialist
Custom-made orthotics can provide pain relief and prevent foot and ankle problems. Dr. Collabella, a well-known podiatrist and podiatric surgeon in New York City, has made custom orthotics for countless paints at Irving Place Surgery & Wellness, with offices in both New York City’s Union Square and Financial District neighborhoods.

Orthotics Q & A

What are Orthotic Devices?

Custom orthotics are shoe insert devices which have been created in a special lab to support and comfort a patient’s feet. These inserts are made to the exact specifications of each person and are not one size fits all. Prescription orthotics are meant to conform to the contours of the patient’s feet and adjust to or correct the way a person moves and walks. After an assessment from the doctor, the devices will be ordered to address any issues present.

What Types of Orthotics Are Used?

Two types of orthotic devices are commonly used which include:

  • Functional orthotics- These are designed to treat irregular motion. They can also address foot pain associated with injuries or tendonitis. They are commonly made from graphite or semi-rigid plastic.
  • Accommodative orthotics- These are softer and are created to offer cushioning and support. They can address diabetic foot ulcers, painful issues which cause pressure, and uncomfortable calluses on the underside of the foot.

These inserts are created to assist with conditions like bursitis, foot, ankle, and heel discomfort, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis. These inserts will typically cost more than store bought inserts but they will be created for the unique person and are usually more effective. These inserts are also constructed from superior materials and can last several years. Medical insurance will generally cover some of the cost.

When Should I Go to the Doctor?

When you are experiencing persistent and chronic foot or ankle pain it is usually time to visit the office. The podiatrist will evaluate your present issues and your overall health to determine what could be contributing to the pain. The podiatrist will examine the way you walk and the structure of your feet. If needed, special technology might be used to view how your feet function when you are running or walking. If orthotic devices are prescribed, the podiatrist will take a 3D image of each of your feet to craft the inserts. The podiatrist will also take measurements of your feet. Depending on your concerns or issues, other treatments may be recommended as well.

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